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Chent Creative offers custom-made marketing solutions. We help you understand your (potential) clients and the market you are operating in. Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization and Web Development helps us optimizing your company’s website. This helps the website to receive more organic traffic, resulting in new clients!

We advise you on how to approach these customers, which (online) marketing channels to use and how to use them. Every result is measurable!

Combine Search Engine Optimization with Content Marketing and Marketing Automation for neat and automated online marketing campaigns.

Managing social media profiles can be a pain in the ass, that is why we do the work for you! We create unique and high-quality content for your social media channels and make sure that this content reaches your target audience! 

Find out how Chent Creative can help to optimize your company’s marketing strategy, feel free to contact us to get to know each other! 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the art of appearing higher in the results of search engines such as Google, without using advertisements. This makes SEO relatively cheap. Another advantage are the long-term results of SEO.

Appearing higher in Google means that it will be easier for your customers to find you. SEO not only generates more traffic to your website, it also ensures this traffic to be relevant for your website. This increases the chance that a potential client becomes a client.

Chent Creative uses existing data to make your website more appealing to your target group. Would you like to know more about SEO? Read here more about SEO and the implementation by Chent Creative.

Chent Creative SEO

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Use social media to make a connection with your target audience! Social Media Marketing can be used in various ways. You could start the conversation with (potential) clients, increase brand awareness or simply boost sales.

Social Media Marketing can be used both B2B as well as B2C thanks to the insights that social media like Facebook and Instagram give in their users. If used right, Social Media Marketing is a great tool to target your audience in a highly effective way.

Chent Creative creates original and unique content, varying from blogs to Instagram posts. Besides creating this content, we also post it for you. This is how we make sure that your target audience receives the message.

Save yourself time for the activities that you really enjoy doing and let Chent Creative take care of your organization’s social media. Read here more about Social Media Marketing and the Chent Creative way.

Chent Creative Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing uses relevant content to connect to the needs of the target group. This niche of online marketing has the same effect as advertisements (maybe even better) but does not feel nor look like an ad.

The most important strength of Content Marketing is the ability to bind customers to your company. More potential customers will be able to find your website using Content Marketing as well. This ensures that both the SEO score of your website improves and you can welcome new customers.

Curious about Content Marketing? Then take a look at the Content Marketing page of Chent Creative for more information.

Chent Creative Content Marketing

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation simplifies the life of the marketing and sales departments of every organization. Marketers gain more insights into the customer journey and the behavior of their leads. The sales department receives higher quality leads.

The deployment of Marketing Automation increases the ROI of campaigns, improves customer relations (from the start in the customer journey), aligns the marketing and sales departments better, gives insights into the behavior of (potential) customers and is a smart investment.

Would you like to read more about Marketing Automation? Then visit this page.

Chent Creative Marketing Automation

Web Development

Chent Creative works with professional developers to provide search engine optimized websites. We give our clients the option to choose between customized websites or websites based on existing templates. These websites can easily be managed by the customers.

Would you like more information about search engine optimized websites? Then visit this page.

Chent Creative Web Development


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